April 24: Mari Margil – Advancing the Rights of Nature

Advancing the Rights of Nature – A Necessary Path for Sustainability?

This workshop with Mari Margil from Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF, http://celdf.org/) will provide a practical examination of the Rights of Nature – what it is; why and how it is advancing around the world; and strategies for advancing it at the local and national level in Sweden and other countries. This will include discussion on how existing environmental laws legalize the use and exploitation of nature, and how these frameworks are unable to protect nature.

In a time of unprecedented species extinction, ecosystem collapse, and climate change, there is a growing understanding that conventional environmental legal frameworks are inadequate to protect nature. A global movement is growing to advance fundamental change in the relationship between humankind and the natural world, by eliminating the key barriers to environmental protection and sustainability, and placing the highest legal protections on nature through the recognition of rights.

The workshop will run from 13.15-16 in Kollaboratioriet Uppsala, Östra Ågatan 19

Everyone is warmly welcome, please sign up by e-mailing Malin Östman at malin.ostman@cemus.uu.se

Photo: Hardy Wilson