CEMUS +25: The CEMUS Diaries – Stories from past, present and future

A year of celebrating 25 years of student-led education, 20 years as joint Uppsala University and SLU centre, 15 years of transdisciplinary research and research education

Join us in celebrating CEMUS and all the people that made it happen, and discussing the past, present and future environment, development and sustainability issues.

As part of the jubilee we are doing a story/essay series that will be published every week throughout the year. The title is “The CEMUS Diaries – Stories from past, present and future” and it will be a series of short stories written by present and former staff, students, work group members, associates etc.

The format and style is very open. It can be short articles, novels, poems, memories, funny anecdotes. It can be a look-back at past times, a reflection of the contemporary or a prediction of the future. It can be text, videos, art etc. Together it will cover a wide range of narratives, perspectives and personalities that somehow are all connected to CEMUS. These stories will then be posted on our webpage, Facebook and CEMUSE magazine and in the end of the year put together in a publication as well. Enjoy!

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