Autumn 2021 series: Paulo Freire and Human Survival in the Twenty First Century


Initiated and convened by CEMUS affiliate Azril Bacal

October 14 kl. 15.15-17.00 panel and conversation on “The contributions of Paulo Freire to Popular Communication, Education and Culture”, co-organized with Litteraturcentrum Uppsala and Studiefrämjandet

Beatriz Bissio, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and of the Post-Graduate Program in Comparative History, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

Leonardo Boff, Liberation theologian, Right Livelihood Laurate

Sarah van Gelder, Author and activist, founder PeoplesHub, co-founder YesMagazine

Daniel Mossberg, Lead Outreach Coordinator and Educational Coordinator CEMUS

convened by Azril Bacal, CEMUS affiliate

October 7 kl. 15.15-17.00 panel on “Transformative Research and Higher Education”

The panel consists of some of the authors in the forthcoming anthology “Transformative Research and Education”, Emerald Publishers, UK.

September 30 kl. 15.15-17.00 “Reading Contemporary Latin America through Freirean Glasses – with a particular focus on Brazil”

Leonardo Boff, Liberation theologian

Alicia Cabezudo, Peace and human rights educator

André Dutra, Course coordinator, CEMUS

Fernanda Poletto, Child and popular educator, poet, “Cafe com Paulo Freire” NGO POA

Chico Whitaker, Activist, World Social Forum

convened by Azril Bacal, CEMUS affiliate

In a context of a severe world crisis situation signaled by climate emergency and the covid-19 pandemic, we at CEMUS in collaboration with various international Freirean networks wll recall and honor the critical and hopeful pedagogical legacy of Paulo Freire. We have organized in this respect a series of events beginning on Sunday September 19, 2021, by joining a vast celebration of his vital legacy and inspiration in all corners of the world.

This initial event entails a conversation about the relevance of freire’s legacy to confront the critical social and educational issues of our time. This conversation will be followed by other events throughout the following months, to progresively engage the academic world and popular education associations in dialogue about the transformative potential of research and education inspired by one of the most important educators of the past century. The lessons and inspiration from Freire are deemed to be today more relevant and crucial than ever before, against a background of fake news, propaganda, and erosion of liberal and social democracies.

Events autumn 2021
To participate online please register here: Registration – autumn 2021 – no registration needed to participate in person in CEMUS Library.

  1. Conversation on Paulo Freire, Sunday September 19 kl. 18.30-19.30, in CEMUS Library, Villavägen 16 and online. Convener: Azril Bacal (CEMUS affiliate) and Daniel Mossberg (lead outreach coordinator CEMUS).
  2. Follow-up seminar and panel (see guests at the top of page) “Reading Contemporary Latin America through Freirean Glasses – with a particular focus on Brazil” Thursday September 30 kl. 15.15-17.00 discussion and dialogue with the audience (both local and international). Don’t miss the video from the first conversation above.
  3. Panel on transformative research and higher education (see guests at the top of page). Date: Thursday October 7 kl. 15.15-17.00. Panelists to be announced.
  4. The contributions of Paulo Freire to Popular Communication, Education and Culture. Date: Thursday October 14 kl. 15.15-17.00.