Oct 13: Re-emergence/ emergency walk: Conspirituality – Language, Myth and Community

Welcome to the second Re-emergence/emergency walk this autumn!

October 13 kl. 12.15-14.00: Conspirituality – Language, Myth and Community

Where: The walk will start outside of CEMUS, Villavägen 16, see map here: https://bit.ly/336Zxma. We will walk to Stadsskogen, then along the winding paths in Stadsskogen to Valltjärn where we will light a fire. Bring your own fika (thermos of coffee or tea and/or some food to share). And remember to wear warm clothes and warm shoes.

Registration: No registration needed, just be there a couple of minutes before we start.

Questions and framing
How did mostly peaceful, open-minded and idealistic movements and spiritual groups (new age, yoga, wellness, vegan, alternative medicine, western adaptations of eastern philosophy and religion), traditionally close to environmentalism and left-leaning politics, become enchanted with and entrenched in a world of conspiracies? Can there still be room for mystery and myth in a world of deadly and violent conspirituality? How can language trap us in destructive relationships and communities? And how can language free us from those binds? And how can we support and build healthy spiritual practices, relationships and communities that grounds us in the human and more-than-humans worlds around us?

Background material
Background reading, watching is now available here: http://www.cemus.uu.se/background-oct-13-2021/

Read more about the all walks autumn 2021 here: http://www.cemus.uu.se/emerg-walks/