May 17: Art & awareness: making sense in an age of climate fear

We live in a world shadowed by the ongoing climate change crisis. The changes proposed are often focused on economic or technological solutions – rather than moral or existential aspects. Very little is said about the need to question our lifestyles, worldviews and relationships with the more-than-human world, in our response to climate change.

Jan van Boeckel is an artist-educator, researcher and filmmaker. In his breakfast meeting he will, together with the participants, explore the value of artistic practice in the face of climate change.

Breakfast for self-cost price is served from 8:00.

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Breakfast meetings at Kollaboratoriet is a place for meetings between academia and civil society. Here, you get the opportunity to take part of the latest research, self-witnessed testimonials and challenging discussions. The breakfast meeting begins with a presentation of an invited guest, followed by a joint discussion. The initiative is a collaboration between CEMUS (Center for Environmental and Development Studies) and the Studieförbundet ABF in Uppsala County.