May 17: Workshop – Failure in student projects

Warmly welcome to a workshop about failure in student projects, where we will be asking: What is a failed project? Who decides what failure is? How can we create student projects that succeed? 

Time: Wednesday May 17, 10.15-12.00
Venue: Kollaboratoriet, Östra Ågatan 19

Did you know that most research case studies about sustainability in universities talk only about successful outcomes? This is a real problem because we can’t know what is actually causing projects to fail (or succeed for that matter!) if they hasn’t been studied.

This workshop is part of a research study undertaken by Rebecca Laycock from Keele University, UK, looking into how ‘failure’ is understood by people involved in student-led sustainability projects in universities and better understand why there is a lack of research about ‘failed’ student sustainability projects.

Everyone is welcome to attend and observe the workshop, regardless of whether you would like to participate in the study. If you would like to participate in the discussion and the study you will be required to read an information sheet and fill in a consent form. To see these before the workshop or if you have any questions about the workshop or study, please contact Rebecca Laycock at

Link to the information sheet and consent form: