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Photo of the Maidan (Independence Square), Kyiv, Ukraine with burning tires, black stone-filled ground and people with helmets during the Revolution of Dignity 2013-2014

Maidan (Independence Square), Kyiv, Ukraine during the Revolution of Dignity 2013-2014, Revolution archive Kyiv 2013.

Different starting points and ways to make change

In this step we will introduce a couple of different ways civil society and grass roots organisations can work on social issues and climate. These are just a few examples that hopefully will inspire you to critically look at how the work on this level can become more effective, inclusive and fun. Please share your own examples in the discussion areas.


‘The Revolution Will Be Hilarious: Comedy for Social Change and Civic Power’

In this short interview Caty Borum, Executive Director of the Center for Media and Social Impact, and Associate Professor of Communication at American University introduces her latest book ‘The Revolution Will Be Hilarious: Comedy for Social Change and Civic Power’, listen here: ‘The Revolution Will Be Hilarious’: Author Caty Borum discusses how comedy will fuel the future of social change.


World Central Kitchen

Started by chef José Andrés in 2010 World Central Kitchen today works on the frontlines all over the world, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. This video summarizes their work during 2023.


Operation Aid Ukraine

In this video the Swedish aid organisation Operation Aid presents its work with aid to Ukrainian frontline communities providing medical supplies, ambulance vehicles and supporting children affected by war.


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