Climate Change Leadership – MOOC

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Week 5: Strategies for change: where your work begins


Change from the grassroots and civil society

In this first part we learn about working at a grassroots level.

5.1 Introduction to strategies for change: where your work begins ARTICLE

5.2 Different starting points and ways to make change ARTICLE

5.3 Democratic processes and change from the bottom-up ARTICLE

5.4 Direct and indirect action ARTICLE


Institutions for change

In this second part we look at climate leadership at different levels of institutions.

5.5 Change on a municipality, regional, national and international level ARTICLE

5.6 Changing businesses and entreprenurship ARTICLE

5.7 Change universities, education and research VIDEO


Course conclusion

In this final part of the course you finalise your climate change leadership plan, review somebody else’s plan and you set the next step, write a take home message, take the survey, get info on certificate and further reading.

5.8 Your own climate change leadership plan assignment ASSIGNMENT

5.9 Review somebody’s climate change leadership plan ASSIGNMENT REVIEW

5.10 Reflect on your climate change leadership plan ASSIGNMENT REFLECTION

5.11 Further reading and learning ARTICLE

5.12 Next step, take home message and course survey DISCUSSION