CEFO PhD-course Spring 2021: Climate Change Leadership – Actors and Strategies for Societal Transitions, 5 credits

When: Spring 2021 week 14-21
Eligibility: Open for PhD Students from all disciplines
Application: Apply no later than March 15 2021 to: venu.thandlam@geo.uu.se

Course description
This course explores the roles of various actors in relation to climate change. The aim is to widen the student’s understanding of the complex dynamics of social change and discuss how just sustainable transitions could be enabled.

As part of this aim the course covers a number of aspects across disciplinary boundaries. This includes analysis of international and national policymaking, integrations and relationships with/in bottom-up networks, as well as individual actors’ roles in societal change. The course introduces theoretical approaches (such as systems approaches, governance, and science & technology studies approaches) on how to study and explain multi-level interactions, problematizing the relationships and interactions across science, policy and society. We will also discuss proposed policies emerging out of the situation prompted by COVID-19 such as the Green Recovery and the Green New Deal. In addition, course participants will examine the possibility of a society where the focus is not on economic growth but rather on enabling a good life within planetary boundaries. Finally, the course includes learning about participatory methods/processes to develop different future scenarios and transition pathways for sustainability.

The teaching consists of lectures and seminars. The lectures are given by guest lecturers from various academic disciplines and relevant areas of society. Ample opportunities are provided for active student participation and critical reflection. Participation in seminars and lectures is compulsory and part of the examination. In addition to this the PhD student is examined through: written preparation, an oral presentation and written submission of a final project. The course runs during weeks 14-21.