Dec 13: Learning and Unlearning – Active Student Participation Seminar

Universitetsdagen 2015, Uppsala universitet

Universitetsdagen 2015, Uppsala universitet

We would like to warmly welcome you to an afternoon seminar and Lucia fika on the 13th of December from kl 14-16 in Uppsala Learning Lab, Blåsenhus (Von kraemers Allé 1).

The Active Student Participation Collaboratory, together with CEMUS and the ActSHEN (Action for Sustainability in Higher Education in the Nordic countries) project, invite you to delve into educational approaches that promote the paradoxical condition of learning and unlearning, and the pedagogical potential of crisis. This concept of unlearning what one has previously considered ‘normal’ and thus leading to a kind of ‘crisis’ is present in a number of educational approaches, including ESD, Norm Critical Pedagogies, Global Citizenship and within ASP work. The purpose of this seminar is to explore different aspects of unlearning; what it means for practice, for learners, and for the support that educators must provide in these contexts of unlearning. We will hold a short introduction followed by discussion.

We are happy to be joined by some international guests for this session, including Rebecka Laycock from Keele University, Allyson Macdonald, Sue Gollifer, Ólafur Páll Jónsson and Sydney Ross Singer from the University of Iceland, and Nelly Heiskanene and Janina Käyhkö from University of Helsinki.

Please have a browse or deeper reading of the article “Learning Freedom: The Pedagogical Potential of Crisis”.

Please respond to if you can attend (for fika purposes!).

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