December 4: Culture in the shadow of climate change w. Charlotte du Cann

Framebreaking Friday #3 – December 4, 2015 w. Charlotte du Cann

10-12: Framebreaking Fridays Research Seminar in the tropical greenhouse with Charlotte du Cann


Once a month, as the week turns towards weekend, we gather to unsettle some of the frames and assumptions that shape our understanding of the world. An international guest joins us to initiate a conversation that explores spaces in-between. Between disciplines, between the world of art and academia, and between humanity and the more than human world. Our guest this month was Charlotte du Cann, a writer and editor working in grassroots communications.

The Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS), Riksteatern and the Research Node Mind and Nature welcome you to a provocative and exploratory research seminar in the era of ecological unravelling and social unrest in which we live.

13-15: Lecture with Master Students of Sustainable Development

Charlotte du Cann lecturing for Master Students of Sustainable Development in the CEMUS-run course Worldviews and Visions – A Seminar Series.

17.30-19.30: Open Evening Event at Uppsala Stadsteater: Dark Mountain Conversations: Culture in the Shadow of Climate Change with Charlotte du Cann

Charlotte Du cann 2016-12-04_IS
A meeting point between worlds, a conversation that otherwise would not take place, an encounter on the boundaries between art and the academy. The shadow of climate change brings our ways of living into question. Against this backdrop, a series of international guests join us to initiate conversations that start with a performance, a story or an intervention that unsettles our assumptions about the world.

Our guest in December was Charlotte du Cann, writer and editor working in grassroots communications. She is editor-in-chief of the Transition Free Press and works with the Dark Mountain Project.

In conversation with Dougald Hine, Charlotte discussed the Dark mountain Project and what it can mean to reconnect to earth in the era of ecological unravelling and social unrest in which we find ourselves in.

These events are a collaboration between CEMUS and Riksteatern, made possible with support from UU Innovation.

Where: Uppsala Stadsteater, Scen Ettan (downstairs), Kungsgatan 53, Uppsala

When: Friday December 4, 17.30-19.30 (Doors and bar open at 17.00)