Feb 14: Spaces for (un)learning in an age of ecological unravelling

This event is part of the Erasmus+ project “Applied Ecopreneurship methodologies”, meeting in Uppsala on February 11-5, 2019. More information including the full program for the week is available here. 


When: Thursday February 14 at 13.15-17.00

Where: Kollaboratoriet Uppsala, Östra Ågatan 19, Uppsala

Registration: Click here for registration form

Documentation from the seminar, including a summary and nine “books” that were produced, can be downloaded here

An afternoon of a different kind

How can we meaningfully teach and learn about climate change, species extinction and other alarming signs of the anthropogenic unravelling of ecologies around us? What would a university, school and learning environment, that dared to take these issues seriously, look like? What spaces for learning and unlearning already exist where inspiration perhaps could be found? And how can we imagine and realise both new and recovered forms of education that honestly addresses the mess the world is in?

This afternoon is an invitation to join a conversation with a group of more-than-ordinary educators, researchers, story-tellers, activists and students from across the nordic countries and the british isles. With a wide range of experiences of what the economist E.F. Schumacher called an “education that takes us into the depth of things”, they have been involved in teaching and learning at places such as Schumacher College, an ecological centre for transformative learning in South-west England, Sogn Jord- og Hagebruksskule, a vocational agricultural school located on the fjords on the west coast of Norway, Centre for Ecological Economics and Ethics at Nord University, and the student-inititiated Centre for Environment and Development Studies here in Uppsala, Sweden.

Welcome to an exploratory afternoon where we rethink, discuss and imagine viable spaces for (un)learning in an age of ecological unravelling.


The program is still under construction and will be designed in consideration of those of you that respond to this invitation and the contributions you might be able to make to the overarching questions of the seminar. Fika (coffee, tea and something sweet) will be served during the afternoon.

You are also more than welcome to join this Re-emergency walk earlier in the morning. More information and registration here.

For any further questions or suggestions, contact Isak Stoddard, isak.stoddard@cemus.uu.se.