Jan 24 kl. 13.15: Uppsala and online start-up of Climate Change Leadership distance

Hi all, and welcome! Exciting to have this course starting Jan 24!!!

We meet at Ekmansalen, EBC, Jan 24 at 13:15-15:00. Many people asked if you can be online, and YES, you can! Use this link tomorrow and you can see the first session. https://sunet.zoom.us/j/139847651

I remind you all this is not a mandatory session. However, there will be interesting information about the course structure and how things will work. The website will be updated tomorrow for weeks 4-7. The other weeks will come up during the semester. All the reading and time is calculated for 20hs per week of work and will be given at least the week before.

You can find hard copies of the books at CEMUS Library (but you can’t borrow them, it is to read in the library) and at Geocentrum Library. Two of the books will also be available in the web library system: “What we think about…” and “Ecojustice Education”.

Assignments instructions coming up 1 week before the deadline. Groups will be formed for the last task and an individual assignment will be required at the end of the course to get a grade (3, 4, 5).

ALL THE RESERVES ARE ACCEPTED. If you want to join the course, sign in to Studentportalen and REGISTER to the course. You have by the end of next week to do so.

All the best and see you soon,