Jan 25: Launch of the Climate Change Leadership MOOC on Studium

Welcome to the launch of the Climate Change Leadership open, online course on Studium, Uppsala University’s learning platform!

The self-study version of the course opened December 21, 2022, now you can join a more collaborative and interactive version on Studium, Uppsala University’s learning platform starting January 25 kl. 12.15. Read more about the course further down on this page.

When: January 25 kl. 12.15-13.00 CET (bring your own lunch)

Where: CEMUS Library, Geocentrum, Villavägen 16, see map here https://link.mazemap.com/gVZ978v2

Online: Zoom: https://uu-se.zoom.us/j/65834976080 Meeting ID: 658 3497 6080


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The self-study open online course has been released December 21!

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The Uppsala University learning plaform Studium course run opens January 25 at the lunch launch!

Climate Change Leadership and Transitions in Practice

Learn more about climate change’s impact on society and how you can lead a wide range of transition processes and practically work with climate transitions within different areas.

Duration: 5 weeks Weekly study time: 4 hours

CEMUS Climate Change Leadership logotype 2022 with Earth lit up by city lights with dawn approching from the eastOngoing and future climate impacts on different parts of society, the attempts to try to build sustainability within planetary boundaries and interconnected international crises’ have created a unique situation concerning the issues’ urgency, complexity and uncertainty. Within this shifting landscape knowledgeable, creative and brave leaders and citizens are necessary to being able to fundamentally change how businesses, regions, municipalities and different organizations work and achieve results.

This online course introduces climate science, climate change’s impact on society, different perspectives on the causes and possible solutions to the climate dilemma, climate justice and international agreements, carbon budgets and different climate scenarios, leadership within different contexts on different levels, key areas for successful transitions and different good examples of climate transitions, the individual’s and the collective’s possibilities and responsibilities, and concrete first steps towards transitions work within your work and local context.

Photgraph showing a black box like house-like structure in a snowy alpine landscape (Kranj, Slovenia)

Photo: Rok Romih

Watch the trailer here.