Jan 26-Feb: Exhibition – Art at the End of the World

An interactive exhibition exploring humans-with-nature in a changing climate.

Opening event: Fri 26 January, 16.00 with fika and introductory . Exhibition on display until end of February.

Where: CEMUS library and work lounge, Geocentrum Villavägen 16

Sometimes it feels like the world is ending. Or at least, a world is ending. Or the world as we know it. Or the story of the world as some people know it…

Join us as we ask, what does it mean to engage in the act of creation as we face apocalypse? Crises? Extinctions? As ends herald beginnings, what art and life can we find in the ruins?

On display are pieces created by attendees of Art at the End of the World club. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, the artists have created works that range from poetry to painting to multi-medium experiences.

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Featured artwork: Francis Emlyn Rogers