Mar 30: Public Talk with Kevin Anderson in the Swedish Parliament

Photo Credit: Theo Voulgaridis

On March 30th, Kevin Anderson, Zennström Professor in Climate Change Ledearship at Uppsala University will give a talk at the Swedish Parliament with the title

Paris, 2°C and carbon budgets: understanding Sweden’s role in a low-carbon future

When: 12.00-13.00
Where: Mittpoolen Seminar Room, Riksdagen, Stockholm

The Paris Agreement’s commitment to hold temperature rises to “well below 2°C” and to “pursue … 1.5°C” has catalysed activity within the scientific community keen to understand what these ambitious objectives imply for mitigation. To date this activity has been dominated by highly speculative ‘negative emissions technologies’ (NETs) and how they afford a beguiling alternative to stringent and politically challenging mitigation.

This presentation disregards such political and economic sensibilities, offering instead a clear and robust analysis that reveals a far more challenging and profound mitigation agenda. It concludes with a provisional and succinct account of what a progressive nation such as Sweden needs to deliver if it is to make its fair contribution to the Paris commitments.

A lunch sandwich will be served to those that have registered. To register, send an email to Emma Wallrup: