May 11: Urban gardening in Uppsala – get engaged in greening the city

Are you interested in urban gardening? Want to learn about ongoing initiatives in Uppsala and get engaged in greening the city? Or are you perhaps already working on an urban gardening project and want to tell others about it?

Warmly welcome to this afternoon meeting at Kollaboratoriet Uppsala on Thursday May 11.

When: Thursday May 11, 15.15-17.00

Where: Kollaboratoriet Uppsala, Östra Ågatan 19, Uppsala

At the meeting, you will learn more about the ongoing “year of urban gardening” that Uppsala Municipality is enabling, with edible plants being planted all over Uppsala as well as specific “place-making initiatives” in Gottsunda, Gränby, Ulleråker and at Fyris Torg.

Kollaboratoriet Uppsala and CEMUS is also planning to install a “collaborative urban garden installation” by the Fyris river outside Kollaboratoriet Uppsala. If all goes as planned, the garden will be installed with the help of participants at a workshop on May 18 at Uppsala Sustainability Festival

Uppsala Municipality, Kollaboriet Uppsala and CEMUS are looking for engaged students and citizens of Uppsala to get involved in the work around these urban gardening initiatives 2017.

More information on the urban gardening year of 2017 in Uppsala is available here (in swedish):

The meeting is co-hosted by Uppsala Municipality, Kollaboratoriet Uppsala and CEMUS (at Uppsala University and SLU).