May 9: Climate action in Uppsala – an open dialogue

When: Tuesday May 9, 17.30-19.00
Where: Kollaboratoriet Uppsala, Östra Ågatan 19, Uppsala

What are we currently doing to address climate change? Often action is taken through incremental policy changes and regulatory structures without active citizen participation. How can the general public get more involved to set and reach more ambitious goals? Join us in learning about climate action in four cornerstones of society and let’s explore what solutions may emerge.

A panel discussion with our 4 guests will be followed by an open dialogue on opportunities for citizen involvement. The event is hosted by the student-run Uppsala University Climate Change Platorm in collaboration with CEMUS

Hugo Larsson, Sales & Marketing, Save by Solar

Karolina Kjellberg, Environmental Manager, Uppsala University

Karl Andreasson, Activist, Climate Justice Program

Uppsala Kommun, To be confirmed