May 9: Global Citizenship, Student Empowerment and Internationalisation: Experiences from Durham

Welcome to a lunch seminar on Global Citizenship!


What is global citizenship? What does global citizenship require of us, and our universities?

Come join to listen in on a lecture and discussion with Dr Oakleigh Welply (School of Education) and Dr Rebecca Bouveng (Ustinov College) from Durham University, UK, on the topic of Global Citizenship and their experiences on working with it in a student-led programme at their university.


Time:  Tuesday, May 9th 12:15 – 13:30 (Bring your own lunch!)

Place:  CEMUS Library/Lounge, Geocentrum, Villavägen 16


**Note on the place**
CEMUS Library/Lounge is down the corridor to the right from the main entrance of Geocentrum. Note that it’s NOT the Earth Sciences Library (geobiblioteket), but further down past the student kitchen, on the door to your right hand. You’ll see some couches through the door!


This visit is part of the Global Citizenship Programme in the Matariki Network of Universities.



Dr Oakleigh Welply is a Lecturer in intercultural and International Education at the School of Education. Oakleigh’s areas of research focus on the relationship of education to issues of language, religion, immigration, integration, globalisation, identity, gender and citizenship. She is interested in developing cross-national research and methodologies to conduct research with diverse communities in European countries. Her research is based on a theoretical framework which explores complementarities between the work of Paul Ricoeur and Pierre Bourdieu to investigate the intersection between structure and subjectivities of young immigrants’ school experiences in European countries.


Dr Rebecca Bouveng is Assistant Principal (College Life) at Ustinov College, where she heads up the Global Citizenship Programme, and also lectures in international relations at the School of Government and International Affairs. Her PhD in Politics explored messianism in Russian identity and statecraft.






About the Matariki Global Citizenship Programme:


Last April, students and faculty from six universities – Dartmouth College (USA), Durham University (UK), University of Otago (New Zealand), Queens University (Canada), University of Tübingen (Germany), and Uppsala University (Sweden) – came together in Uppsala, for the 1st international workshop to develop the new Global Citizenship Program in the Matariki Network of Universities.

Now, from one of our partner universities, Dr Oakleigh Welply (School of Education) and Dr Rebecca Bouveng (Ustinov College) from Durham University are visiting us in Uppsala to share their experiences of working with their student-led Global Citizenship Programme, and discuss further to develop our joint work in Global Citizenship.