Nov 22: Live podcast – Does it still make sense to talk about climate change?

Welcome to an open live podcast event titled “Does it still make sense to talk about climate change? – what gets left out when we frame the trouble we’re in in terms of (climate) science” with Ingrid M. Rieser, Host of Forest of Thought podcast, and Dougald Hine, Writer and founder of A School Called Home!

When: November 22 kl. 18.00-19.30
Where: Mallas sal, Stadsbiblioteket, Svartbäcksgatan 17
How: Live podcast recording before an audience kl. 18.00-19.00 followed by open dicussion 19.00-19.30

Does it still make sense to talk about climate change? This seems a strange question to ask, for someone who has spent much of his adult life talking to people about climate change, but it is the question Dougald Hine has found himself wondering about lately.

When we talk about climate change, we are entering into a conversation that is framed by science, yet climate change also asks us questions that lead beyond that frame. In recent years, however, the language of science has become supercharged: from the placards that read ‘Unite Behind the Science’ to the political leaders who insist that they are ‘following the science’ in their response to the pandemic, there’s a new emphasis on the total authority of science that makes it harder to ask these frame-breaking questions.

This is converging with a particular approach to climate change, one that points to a dystopian future in which the world has been remade as an object of total management. What does this mean for how we have meaningful conversations about what Dougald Hine refers to as ‘the trouble we’re in’?

Welcome to this live podcast session hosted by CEMUS and the Forest of Thought podcast.