Oct 11: Sustainability Project Cafe#2: Project Maker Space

Welcome to the 2nd Sustainability Project Cafe for this semester!

When? Wednesday, October 11th 15:15 – 17:00
Where? Kollaboratoriet Uppsala (Östra Ågatan 19)

During the first Project Cafe, we were happy and impressed to hear about the exisiting initiatives and the new ideas for starting up projects!

This time around, we will be downtown in Kollaboratoriet (The Collaboratory). This is a space for making new meaningful collaboration between academia and the wider community. In addition to hearing updates from the projects, we will have some space to work concretely on moving the projects forward, while giving each other support and input, and opportunities to cross-pollinate between the projects. If you are involved in a project, feel free to bring any issues or questions you want input/help on if you have any, and anyone is welcome to just come hear about what’s happening!

As always, we will bring fika, so bring yourselves :)