Open Workshop : What is the role of CEMUS Forum?

When : Tuesday 5th June 13:15 – 16
Where : CEMUS Library

The CEMUS Forum organises open events in collaboration with various actors in the local and wider community. We have many events free and open to the public including lectures, workshops, and Project cafes throughout the year, cultivating with the Uppsala Sustainability Festival at the end of each semester.

The Forum’s purpose and activities have changed over the years. We would like to refocus what these are ahead of the 2018-2019 period.

The key questions for discussion include:

1. Understanding the role of the CEMUS Forum
– What is the role of the CEMUS Forum? Is it outreach or as a gathering point?
– How can the Forum better involve and support student perspectives

2. Defining the different activities of the Forum
– The Uppsala Sustainability Festival : What is its purpose and can this be delivered?
– The Project Cafes
– The Alumni Network
– Framtidsakademin

3. Understanding the relationship between CEMUS forum, partners, activities and courses.
– What collaborations should be emphasised and why?

All welcome to contribute to this open planning session. If you have suggestions you would like to put forth, please fill in this link

You can read more about the CEMUS Forum here