Report from Durham: Global Citizenship Workshop – Creating Spaces for Dialogue


How can we create spaces for dialogue? Read the beautiful summary and reflection blog written by students at Durham University about the workshop Sachiko Ishihara, course coordinator at CEMUS, ran during her visit to Durham University in England.

Sachiko Ishihara, Course Coordinator and Coordinator of the Research Forum at CEMUS, visited Ustinov College at Durham University in England during October 2nd-6th, 2017, as a recipient of the grant ‘Stimulansmedel för Internationellt Samarbete’. This was also the first student Matariki Fellow in Global Citizenship, which was one of the projects proposed at the Matariki GCP inaugural workshop in April 2016 in Uppsala. Taking on delegated responsibility from Anneli Ekblom, the Matariki Global Citizenship Programme Liaison at Uppsala University, the aim of the visit was to:

  1. Further develop the overall framework for the Matariki Global Citizenship Programme
  2. Share experiences from CEMUS
  3. Give critical peer review and support and strengthen collaboration and exchange between Durham University and Uppsala University.


As part of this, Sachiko shared participatory learning and discussion methods widely implemented at CEMUS. Sachiko planned and ran two workshops for the Ustinov GCP scholars and volunteers in their Induction Week (which is like the Orientation Week in Uppsala).

  • 2 hour workshop on Tuesday, October 3rd was co-planned and co-run with Rebecca Bouveng on reflection exercise on group dynamics, formation of their Teams
  • 3 hour workshop on Friday, October 6th: “Global Citizenship Workshop: Creating Spaces for Dialogue”, which aimed to have scholars experience participatory
    discussion and learning methods as training in facilitation skills

Read about the second workshop and the students’ reflections here. How can we create spaces for dialogue in the post-Brexit vote UK?