CEMUS Diaries w44-#1: Untitled by Malin Östman

CEMUS Diaries - week 44 #1

Credit: Börje Dahrén







Malin Östman

Course Coordinator and Deputy Director CEMUS






That of an institution when

You are alone with it


Buzzing, Humming, Wailing

No human

Only space

Halls, Walls, Whiteness


Of skin and heat


Hold me while I exhale

She says

Tell me everything is going to be OK

Reply, Explain

Nothing is ever OK

You still matter


Look out that window and see

A bird


Hospicing University




This is a part of the 25th Anniversary blog series “CEMUS Diaries: Stories from past, present and future”, where we invite present and former staff, students, work group members, associates, and other CEMUS friends to reflect on their time at CEMUS and shed critical light into the future. Read the other CEMUS Diaries entries here.


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