Sep 25: Ignored History: The Sami Perspective

The session is open to other students and the public to join! No registration or fees needed.

Tomas Kuhmunen is GIS coordinator in the Swedish Sami Parliament. In this session, Tomas will provide us with a background talk about Sami heritage and culture in Sweden and the different challenges the Sami way of living is facing in modern society today.

In the light of the Paris Agreement and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we will discuss together with Tomas the integration of Sami rights and livelihood in Agenda 2030 and what effects the work and strategies to implement the Agenda 2030 has had on Sami life and society.

This lecture is part of the course “Critical Perspectives on Sustainable Development in Sweden” given by CEMUS (Centre for environment and development studies). CEMUS as a centre is a collaboration between Uppsala University and SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Studies.

When? Wednesday, September 25.
Time? From 17:00 to 19:00.
Where? University Main Building, Room IV.

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We see you soon!
André and Rianne, Course Coordinators.

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Klykstångskåta (Sami tipi) in Norway, late 19th century GPL, Link