Sep 26: Re-Emergence/ Emergency Walk: Climate Strike – Climate Emergency – Climate Re-Emergence

September 26 kl. 09.15-12.00: Climate Strike – Climate Emergency – Climate Re-Emergence

In connection to the Global Climate Strike September 20-27

When: Thursday September 26 at 9.15-12.00

Where: Starting outside of CEMUS Library, Villavägen 16

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Questions and framing
How can strikes, general strikes and the climate strike create and open up change at different levels in society? How could adults support youth, and youth support adults? What are the consequences of a strike not called by and supported by the union? Can we and should we create new unions that will join in the fight against climate change and environmental destruction?


The walk will start outside of CEMUS, Villavägen 16 at 9.15 (be there a couple of minutes before 9.15). We will walk through Stadsskogen into Håga Valley and back. We will find a place to sit down for fika, so bring your own fika (thermos of coffee or tea and/or some food to share).


Background-video/presentation and starting points

Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.

― James Baldwin


Read (in Swedish): Strejkerna du måste känna till and listen to (in Swedish): Den Stora Gruvstrejken 1969/70.

Global Climate Strike in Uppsala Sep 20-27: Global Week For Future Uppsala and lunch event Sep 27 in Uppsala: relating to the university.