Mar 9: Sustainability Project Cafe #3

The Project Cafe is a series that gathers students and other actors around Uppsala who works with different projects and initiatives related to sustainability.


Welcome to the third edition of the Sustainability Project Cafe!

We are all working towards the same general aim – sustainability. Why don’t we work together? How can we support each other?

This is a space for different sustianability projects to meet, support, and develop each other. Let’s try to crosspolinate and collaborate, while also see what else is happening out there and just have a nice Fika time.

Welcome to all that are already engaged in projects, and to all that are just curious and want to listen in!


  • When: Thursday, March 9th, 15:15-17:00
  • Where: CEMUS Library/Lounge, Villavägen 16, Geocentrum

**Note on the place**

CEMUS Library/Lounge is down the corridor to the right from the main entrance of Geocentrum. Note that it’s NOT the Earth Sciences Library (geobiblioteket), but further down past the student kitchen, on the door to your right hand. You’ll see some couches through the door!


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