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Photo of people building LEGO together on a table

Build/make/draw a representation of leadership

In this step you’ll do an exercise to encourage reflection, creativity and imagination.

Imagination is the key to human progress. Without the capacity to imagine a different world that is more beautiful than the one in which we live, change is impossible.Alison James and Stephen D. Brookfield, 2014, p. 3



  1. Create a representation of what leadership is for you. Use lego or other building materials. If you don’t have anything, draw. Use your own experience, the exercises from earlier steps, or your idea of leadership so far. You could think about a situation, a metaphor or a story.
  2. Reflect on what your representation (what you built or drew) says about leadership.

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More on this method can be found at LEGO SeriousPlay, and in Alison James and Stephen D. Brookfield’s book Engaging Imagination: Helping Students Become Creative and Reflective Thinkers.


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