Climate Change Leadership – MOOC

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Leadership skills toolbox

As a starting point, this is a list of different tools that will help you develop skills you find relevant. Add your own examples and links in the comments area.



The Climate Change Playbook, 22 Systems Thinking Games for More Effective Communication about Climate Change


Group dynamics

Digidem Lab’s Digicat, guide for participatory decision-making

Seeds for change, guide to hand signals

Seeds for change, guide to consensus decision-making

Fantastic Studios, meeting design guide


Design thinking and creativity

David Kelley, How to build your creative confidence

Resources from IDEO Design Thinking 

Stanford D School’s Bootcamp Bootleg booklet for design thinking

Game Storming co-creation tools

Back of the Napkin pitching tools

Feral Atlas for creative inspiration from ecology



The Metaskills quiz to think about your strong metaskills and what metaskills you would like to develop and improve.


Systems thinking

Systems Thinking resources from Donella Meadows.

Loopy for creating systems diagrams 



Common Cause foundation


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