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Updated December 10, 2010

Thank you all for an amazing conference!

Documentation and media from the conference

Re-growing our Roots Jason Davies, Student at CEMUS

We're Loosing this Fight Anna Meijerhöffer, Student at CEMUS

I Can See Clearer Ida Nordin, Student at CEMUS

Reportage från konferensen (in Swedish) Lisa Samuelsson, Student at CEMUS

Wise words from wise people... Elsa Fries, Student at CEMUS

Presentation: Exploitation or care how we relate to the resources of our planet Lars Rydén, Baltic University Programme, CSD Uppsala

Learning horizontally instead of drilling Sara Jeswani, SWEDEN.SE/BLOGS

Photos from the conference Jorge & Daniel

Existentiella aspekter av klimatfrågan Hannes Kjörnsberg, Fria Tidningen

Hjälp miljörörelsen förnya sig! Sara Jeswani, Effekt klimatmagasinet

Haral Welzer: Vi stjäl från framtiden Sara Jeswani, Effekt klimatmagasinet

Twitter feed from the conference Daniel Mossberg, CEMUS - CSD Uppsala

On Being an American Troubadour at the Swedish Climate Change Conference Alan AtKisson, Words & Music Blog

David Abrams: Breathing ourselves aware on planet "EAIRTH" Alan AtKisson, Words & Music Blog

Bill McKibben on Climate Change: The Depressing Bad News, and the Amazing Power of People to Create Good News Alan AtKisson, Words & Music Blog

Live from Sigtuna starting Monday!

We'll have a Twitter feed from the conference, recorded keynotes and some workshops at our YouTube channel and there's a Facebook group for the conference you can join!

CEMUS page at Facebook - Climate Existence 2010 conference group

Alan AtKisson blogging from day 1 of the conference

Download conference poster (pdf) Download print version (pdf)

Download FINAL program 2010-10-28 (pdf)

Download Program Folder 2010-10-28 (print pdf 3 MB)

The program folder will be handed out during registration on Monday, so you don't have to print it.

Welcome to this year's Climate Existence conference!

CEMUS and the Sigtuna Foundation welcome you to Climate Existence
November 1-3, 2010, in Sigtuna Sweden.

What are the existential aspects of the climate crisis? What do our values and visions have to do with the current crisis? Who are we as humans in this age of environmental crisis and what is our responsibility? Do we need to change the way we perceive nature and our role in society?

Workshop sessions - contributing guests

Sigurd Bergmann, Archaeology and Religious Studies, NTNU Trondheim.
Anita Goldman, writer, Sweden.
Bengt Gustafsson, Theoretical Astrophysics, Uppsala University.
Petra Hansson, Didactics, Uppsala University.
Per Ingvar Haukeland, Telemarks-forskning, Høgskolen i Telemark.
David Kronlid, Didactics, Uppsala University.
Andri Snaer Magnason, poet, writer and filmmaker, Iceland.
Lars Norberg, diplomat and writer, Sweden.
Sigridur Thorgeirsdottir, Philosophy, University of Iceland.
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Evening Program

Alan AtKisson, musical artist.
Henry Bowers, musical artist.
Matilda Bådagård, musical artist.
Li Engla Molnar Kronlid, fireshow.
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Keynote speakers

David Abram
David Abram, cultural ecologist, philosopher, and performance artist, is the founder and creative director of the Alliance for Wild Ethics.
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Bill McKibben
American environmentalist and writer Bill McKibben, founder of, an international climate campaign.
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Harald Welzer
Professor Harald Welzer, is head of the Research Group "Interdisciplinary Memory Research" at the KWI Essen.
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About the conference

On November 1-3, 2010, CEMUS, The Centre for Environment and Development Studies and CSD Uppsala, Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development, along with The Sigtuna Foundation are welcoming you to a conference dealing with the underlying moral, existential and psychological aspects of human and societal responses to climate change. This will be a follow up Conference to a similar successful venture held in Sigtuna in 2008. The conference is going to run for 3 days and during that time we will not only be listening to inspiring keynotes and participating in rewarding workshops but also be listening to poetry, music and enjoying social events.


Today, most of us know that climate change poses a real and serious threat to our societies. Information reaches us in the shape of numbers and facts in new scientific reports and in media coverage of political meetings and international summits. The message: we need to make deliberate changes in the way we live our lives in order to minimize our environmental impact.

But the changes proposed are often focused on the implementation of economic or technologic solutions and a lot of emphasis is being put on the physical and infrastructural aspects of this new challenge humanity faces. Very little is said about a need to challenge our minds, mindsets and lifestyles to respond to climate change or the moral, ethical and psychological aspects of the changes needed.