Aug 28: CEMUS +25 – What on Earth has happened on Earth over the last 25 years?

The event will be live-streamed at CEMUS Twitter

CEMUS +25 – August 28 at 18.15-20.00 in the University Main Building, Lecture hall X (sal X)

Man against Nature, Man against Man – What on Earth has happened on Earth over the last 25 years? And what does it mean?

The autumn semester 2017 marks 25 years since CEMUS gave its first course Människan och naturen (Man and Nature). To celebrate this you are all invited to a round table dialogue and panel discussion at the beginning of the semester for students, faculty,  general public and alumni.

The discussions will be divided into three thematic parts:

Part 1 – Man against Nature: Climate and Environmental Changes over 25 years
Moderated by: Isak Stoddard, Deputy Director CEMUS and Coordinator Zennström Visiting Professorship in Climate Change Leadership.

  • Niclas Hällström, Director What Next Forum and Founder of Människan och naturen and Co-founder of CEMUS.
  • Anneli Ekblom, Senior Lecturer at Department of Archaeology and Ancient History and Director CEMUS.
  • Hans Liljenström, Professor Biometry SLU, Founding Director of Agora for Biosystems, Guest Lecturer, course work group member and CEMUS board chair.

Part 2 – Man against Man: Human Societies, Cultures and Politics over 25 years
Moderated by: Malin Östman, Deputy Director CEMUS.

  • Tuula Eriksson, Senior Lecturer SLU and Guest lecturer, Course work group member and CEMUS board member.
  • Ashok Swain, Professor at Department of Peace and Conflict Research and CEMUS.
  • Sara Andersson, Coordinator Outreach and Educational Coordinator CEMUS.

Part 3 – WoMaNature: The Coming 25 years – How to Save and Change the World
Moderated by: Daniel Mossberg, Director of Studies CEMUS.

  • Mikael Kurkiala, Researcher Church of Sweden, Author and Guest lecturer, course work group member CEMUS.
  • Brian Palmer, Senior lecturer at Department of Theology, Author and Guest lecturer, course work group member CEMUS.
  • Sachiko Ishihara, Course Coordinator and Project Assistant CEMUS.

At 20.00 the evening continues with a mingle in Universitetshuset (University Main Building).

The quote below from the song “What it means?” inspired to the the last question in the title of the event, enjoy!

Some man with a joystick lands a rocket on a comet
We’re living in an age where limitations are forgotten
The outer edges move and dazzle us but the core is something rotten
Cause we’re standing at the precipice of prejudice and fear
We trust science just as long as it tells us what we want to hear
We want our truths all fair and balanced as long as our notions lie within it
There’s no sunlight in our asses and our heads are stuck up in it
And our heroes may be rapists who watch us while we dream
but don’t look to me for answers cuz I don’t know what it means
What it means?

– Drive-By Truckers, 2016