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Further reading and learning

This is a reference list of optional further readings on the themes of Week 2. Please add your own suggestions at Twitter #cemuscclmooc or Facebook, or at Studium. Click on medium type in brackets to access the material.


Systems and complexity

Meadows, D. (1999). Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System. The Sustainability Institute. Hartland VT: The Sustainability Institute. [article]

Meadows, D. (1977). A philosophical look at system dynamics. [video]

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Sustainability Illustrated (2014). Systems thinking a cautionary tale (cats in Borneo) [video]


Migration in the context of climate change

How to Save a Planet. (2021). Like the monarch, human migrations during climate change. [podcast]

Manou, D.,Baldwin, A., Cubie, D., Mihr, A., and Thorp, T. (eds.). (2018). Climate change, migration and human rights: law and policy perspectives. New York: Routledge. [book]

McClanahan, T. R., and Cinner, J. E. (2012). Adapting to a changing environment: confronting the consequences of climate change. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [book]


Technology in the context of climate change

Cigas, S. (2021). Ethics of geoengineering. In Viterbi Conversation on Ethics, 5(1). [article]

Fleming, J. R. (2010) Fixing the sky : the checkered history of weather and climate control. New York: Columbia University Press. [book]

Financial Times (2022). Carbon capture: the hopes, challenges and controversies | FT Film. [video]

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Last Week Tonight (2022). Carbon offsets: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO). [video]

ETC Group (2021). Solar Geoengineering: Warnings from Scientists, Indigenous Peoples and Climate Activists. [video]


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