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Old sepia photo of railroad cars in industrial landscape, "Railway Scene, Factory at Terre-Noire" by Gustave Le Gray, France, 1850s

“Railway Scene, Factory at Terre-Noire” by Gustave Le Gray, France, 1850s, CC BY 4.0, The J. Paul Getty Museum.

Key debate: who is responsible for climate change?

In this step we’ll discuss power relationships, historical emissions and who is responsible for getting us out of the present and future predicament. This debate builds on the climate justice background in week 2.

The question Who is responsible for climate change? is perhaps best divided into two separate questions to discuss:

  1. Which corporations, nation states and/or groups in society (such as class, gender, income, wealth) are responsible for the emissions that have led us to the present situation?
  2. And which international bodies, collaborating countries, nation states and groups should have the biggest responsibility for lowering present and future emissions?




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