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Photo of bearded man in red pants juggling on the Berlin wall

Juggling on the Berlin Wall on 16. November 1989. © Yann Forget CC-BY-SA.

Your climate change leadership plan

This step will start the preparation for the climate change leadership plan you’ll write next week. At this stage you should be as open and creative as possible and not feel limited by the intimidating title ‘climate change leadership plan’. Choose a topic close to home!

One of the challenges that comes with leadership is the multitude of theories and perspectives one can take into account, as we have seen in this week’s content. There is no one leadership theory that can explain how things should be done.


1. Reflect on and discuss the questions below

  • What was the most important insight you got this week?
  • How would you define Climate Change Leadership?
  • How could climate change be communicated in a way that engages and activates?
  • What strengths do you have as a leader? What could be improved or complemented by others?


2. Gather and organise your material

In digital form gather the different comments and discussion entries you’ve made throughout the course as a list. Try to organise your material and see if there are reoccurring questions or themes.


3. You and your plan

Tentatively – what would you want to work on and how can you as a climate change leader be a key in this plan?


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