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Black and white photo of a person sitting on grass with an open specimen box, wearing a sunhat and grins at the camera in bright sunlight

Entomologist Roy Harrison on a field trip, North Island, NZ, 1973. By Lincoln University – Supplied as part of Lincoln University Wikipedian in Residence programme, December 2019, CC BY 3.0.

Self Guided Fieldtrip

Go for a climate change leadership excursion for your field trip or study visit. What you focus on, where you go, and how long you take is up to you, but we recommend you choose a site to visit to inform your leadership plan.

Challenge yourself or visit something familiar and try to find something new. Bring friends, family or colleagues and give them a climate change leadership tour, or just let them guide you. And please be safe!

Bring some kind of material, equipment so you can write down or record your impressions. Read the next step “investigating a place” for ideas of how to learn from your field trip.


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