March 8: Make your own podcast workshop with Ingrid M. Rieser

Welcome to an open workshop on how to make your own podcast with Ingrid M. Rieser, film maker, podcast host and visual designer!

You can read more about Ingrid M. Rieser and listen to her podcast “Forest of Thought” here:

And don’t miss CEMUS newly started podcast “The Critical Interference Podcast at CEMUS”


When: Monday March 8 at 10:15-12.00

Where: Online via Zoom:

About the workshop
Having a conversation can be a powerful experience – even life-changing. And podcasts are a great excuse to have interesting conversations. In this session we’ll explore what the ingredients for great podcasts are, talk about the things worth considering before making a podcast and go through some practical tips for recording your first episode.

To get the most out of the practical part of the workshop, prepare the following beforehand:

  1. Download Audacity, a free audio editing software.
  2. Record an audio file with your voice and have it accessible in a folder on your computer.

This joint event is a collaboration between the Climate Change Leadership – Power, Politics and Culture course and CEMUS Forum.