CEMUS Forum – Collaboration and Partnership for a Better World

CEMUS Forum actively organizes open ovents in collaboration with various actors in the local and wider community. We have many events free and open to the public including lectures, workshops, discussions and film showings throughout the year, and a Uppsala Sustainability Festival at the end of the spring or autumn semester.

Much of the envisioning, planning and delivery work of this is done in collaboration with our students. Events are intended to attract not only current university staff and students, but also alumni, government officials, interested public and organizations.

We aim to bridge the gap – between theoretical and practical, the young and the old, and the academic and non-academic worlds. This is our place to create a meeting place – for people interested in transdisciplinary education and sustainable solutions – to transcend boundaries.

Contact Daniel Mossberg, Samverkansansvarig CEMUS Forum and Outreach or Warren Kunce and Katelin Markcrow, CEMUS Forum coordinators, with your questions.

Current activities at CEMUS Forum

Uppsala Sustainability Day – for students by students

At the end the spring or autumn semester, CEMUS students organizes a day to celebrate, share, and present topics and ideas about sustainability. The festival is organized by students, in collaboration with course coordinators, researchers and actors from the local and wider community.

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Framtidsakademin – an open lecture series

Lecture series on current issues: open to the public (in Swedish). Framtidsakademin offers public lectures by researchers that address questions of environment, development and sustainability. The lecture-series consists of five lecture per semester, free of charge and open for all, run in collaboration with Folkuniversitetet. The theme for spring 2020 is Human Rights.

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Student Projects and Cafés

Start your own project or get involved in an existing project! The CEMUS Forum also works as a launching pad for student project ideas. Support can be given in the form of people to bounce ideas off of, access to a broad contact network, use of a variety of venues, help with marketing campaigns/advertising and economic support. Projects are initiated through a dialogue with Forum staff, and in close collaboration with CEMUS Roots.You can also apply to and take the Sustainable Development – Project Management and Communication course, 15 credits autumn and spring semesters. Read more about the projects within that course here and here. You could also get involved in the following existing projects:

Re-emergence/ emergency walks

CEMUS and the Climate Change Leadership node invite you to a series of re-emergence, emergency walks to explore issues, questions and unknowns central to our ability to re-imagine and re-shape human societies and culture.

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KlimatBastu° ClimateSauna°

Welcome into the heat of the ClimateSauna! The climate is changing, the temperature is rising, the jetstream is swaying, the ice is melting, the jungle is burning, the greenhouse gases are continuing to rise, some things are getting worse, some remain as before. The greenhouse gas emissions needs to decrease, land use change, infrastructure and societal systems be reconstructed.The ClimateSauna is a collaboration with and run-up to the ClimateExistence conference at the Sigtuna Foundation May 14-16, 2020.

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Open Lectures, Seminars and Workshops

At CEMUS start page you can find the latest open lectures, seminars, workshop and events. Almost all events are free and open to the public, students and university staff, although some require registration and/or conference fees.

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Future Club – Framtidsklubben GRO

CEMUS staff and students organises extra-curricular activities for children in Uppsala who wants to learn about and discuss sustainable development. The project is initiated, financed and run by Uppsala municipality, and the sessions are planned and run by CEMUS staff and students.

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ClimateExistence Conference August 12-14, 2021

The next conference has been postponed until August 12-14, 2021, and as before we will be at the Sigtuna Foundation, warmly welcome! The conference – ClimateExistence / KlimatExistens – has since 2008 brought together scholars, researchers, educators, artists, activists, students and the general public in an engaged discussion and dialogue concerning the existential, psychological, philosophical and ethical dimensions of climate change / crisis / breakdown. The ClimateExistence conference is a collaboration between the Sigtuna Foundation, the Centre for Environment and Development Studies, CEMUS at Uppsala University and SLU, and the Climate Change Leadership node at Uppsala University.

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Moving Mountains Conference 2021

The first conference day “Spirituality, Sustainability and the Future of the Earth – Moving Mountains” was organized September 12, 2019. We now welcome you to the next one-day conference 2021! The conference series is a collaboration between the Centre for Religion and Society (CRS UU), the Church of Sweden, STUNS Energy and CEMUS.

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Alumni Network

CEMUS hosts annual alumni events to help (re)connect former and current students, staff, and other CEMUS friends. In 2017, a Panel Discussion was held on March 18th followed by a dinner mingle. Events are open to both former and current students and staff, and aims to give opportunities to expand your network.

‘Applied Ecopreneurship Methodologies’

CEMUS is a part of a new 2-year Erasmus+ project (2018-2019) together with Sogn Jord- og Hagebruksskule (Norway)Centre for Ecological Economics and Ethics at Nord University (Norway), Schumacher College (UK), and Friends of the Earth Denmark. The project explores what competences and skills are needed in order to create new social and ecological enterprises (or, make a living out of working with sustainability), and how we could support this through our courses and as educational institutions.

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Meeting Places and Study Spaces

CEMUS Library/Lab/Lounge

CEMUS Library/Lab/Lounge at Villavägen 16, campus Geocentrum, is a meeting place for students and others, where you can study, find course literature (only to be read in CEMUS Library), work on projects or just relax. You can book it for events in line with CEMUS activities and issues in the paper calender on the whiteboard in the corridor.

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Kollaboratoriet Uppsala

Kollaboratoriet Uppsala is a physical space located in central Uppsala overlooking the river, with the purpose to be a multi-purpose space for different types of activities and events – collaborations, crossing boundaries, and developing ideas for a better world.

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Student Organization

CEMUS Roots – our student organization

CEMUS Roots is a dynamic and self-governing student-run group, inclusive to all. It was established in order to allow students to take an active role in influencing the way that education is conducted at the center. The student organization is currently (2019-2020) being reconstituted.

Past Activities and Collaborations

Thematic Conferences and Symposiums

Over the years CEMUS has organised several conferences and symposiums on different themes – The Uppsala ekonomi- och miljömässa, UEM 2005, KlimatExistens and ClimateExistence conferences in collaboration with the Sigtuna Foundation, the Uppsala Sustainability Conference 2008-2013, Sustainable Mining – A Contradiction in Terms or a Practical Possibility? in 2014 and Generation of the New Economy – Youth Economics Festival organised together with Schumacher College among others.

Framebreaking Fridays Research Seminars – Culture in the Shadow of Climate Change

IMG_9910 A collaboration between CEMUS, Riksteatern and the Research Node Mind and Nature. On the first Friday of every month, an international guest artist visits Uppsala to initiate conversations that unsettle some of the frames and assumptions that shape our understanding of the world – A world in the shadow of accelerating climate change. Each Framebreaking Friday engages students, researchers, educators and the interested public, in a variety of gatherings that explore the spaces in-between – between disciplines, between the world of art and academia, and between humanity and the more-than-human world.

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Flood – student run online magazine

Flood (former ceMuse) is a student-run online magazine in which students of CEMUS and Uppsala University provide commentary and in-depth pieces on the issue of Sustainable Development that are interesting and important to the writer and the wider audience.

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Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development – RCE Uppsala-Gotland

CEMUS is recognized by the United Nations University as a hub and platform to catalize and promote transformative learning initiatives in Uppsala, called “Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development.” This will continue to be developed within the Uppsala centre for sustainable development in collaboration with a wide collection of societal actors and organizations. The work to further develop the platform is continued, and involvement from everyone interested is most welcome.

Uppsala Sustainability Festival

At the end the spring and autumn semester, CEMUS students organizes a day to celebrate, share, and present topics and ideas about sustainability. The festival is organized by students, in collaboration with course coordinators, researchers and actors from the local and wider community.

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Film & Framtid

Film & Framtid is a movie screening project run in collaboration with Folkuniversiteten and Fyrisbiografen. Movies on current topics are screened, and lecrurers are invited to give commentary and to talk about the issues. Tickets cost 80 SEK and fika is included in the price. (In Swedish –  some movies will be in English)

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Matariki Network of Universities Global Citizenship Program

Uppsala University hosted the first international workshop on Global Citizenship in the Matariki Network of Universities. The workshop, facilitated by CEMUS, took place on April 18-21 2016 and included participation from students and faculty from 6 universities in the network. The two initial strands for the program are “Empowering Learners” and “Community Engagement”.

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CEMUS Garden Group

The CEMUS Garden Group has in the past hosted meetings and events including practical workshops, lectures, film showings and harvest parties, as well as developed and maintained the CEMUS Garden at Villavägen 16. There is plenty of room for ideas as to what topics should be covered during events and everyone is welcome to participate. No previous ties to CEMUS are needed.Main organiser for this project was Christopher Wegweiser, also see the Facebook group

REALS – Resilient and Ecological Approaches for Living Sustainably

The REALS Project (Resilient and Ecological Approaches for Living Sustainably) is a project run by Permaculture Sweden in collaboration with Swedish, Russian and Belarussian partners. CEMUS is a partner in the project that aims to create networks and intercultural learning between Sweden, Russia and Belarus, with a focus on socio-ecological resilience and sustainable lifestyles.

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