Sep 22: After work&study in Kollaboratoriets Urban Garden

Warmly welcome to Kollaboratoriet Uppsalas Urban Garden on Östra Ågatan 19 in Uppsala. As a part of the Urban Gardening year in Uppsala, Kollaboratoriet, CEMUS and the Department of urban and rural development at SLU have installed an urban garden on the side-walk on östra ågatan.

When: From 15.00 onward, Friday September 22
Where: The sidewalk @ Kollaboratoriet, Östra Ågatan 19, Uppsala

Light snacks and drinks will be available at cost price. Join us to enjoy the garden one last time before we pack it away for the coming of winter. Potatoes, beets, tomatoes and chilis will be harvested, mint turned into mojitos, music will be playing.

This will also be a chance to learn more about Kollaboratoriet and planned activities in the fall.