Climate Change Leadership – MOOC

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Week 2: The road ahead: bending the curves to a sustainable future


Climate justice and deliberate transformations

In this part we will hear about concepts such as climate justice, carbon budgets and the deliberate transformations needed to bend the curves to a sustainable future.

2.1 Introduction: bending the curves to a sustainable future ARTICLE

2.2 Climate justice and the inequalities of climate change VIDEO (09:30)

2.3 Addressing Climate Injustice: Aid, Reparations or Solidarity ARTICLE

2.4 Opportunities for change – from mitigation and adaptation to transformation VIDEO (06:42)


Brutal numbers and tenous hope

During this part you’ll learn about the carbon budgets needed to avoid catastrophic climate change – and the opportunities for bending the curves to a sustainable future.

2.5 Carbon budgets and emission pathways VIDEO (06:30)

2.6 Carbon budgets: digging into the numbers ARTICLE

2.7 Bending the curves towards a sustainable future VIDEO (07:48)

2.8 Carbon budgets, climate justice and transformation QUIZ


Local climate change leadership

We will conclude the week with a discussion on local climate change leadership challenges.

2.9 Local climate change leadership challenges DISCUSSION

2.10 Further reading and learning ARTICLE