Sachiko Ishihara

What do you do when you realize that the stories you’ve been told about yourself, your family, your country, your faith tradition, and the origins of climate change are all […]

Nov 2: Can a better past give us a ...

CEMUS Diaries Entry - week 42           Per Andersson Sustainability geek and entrepreneur, former Course Coordinator at CEMUS     Time flies and it´s now 2 […]

Beyond the CRAP. by Per Andersson

What is a sustainable life for you? How do you want to live? The students (and coordinators) of the course “Global Challenges and Sustainable Futures”  are doing a 30 Day Challenge, […]

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「学生が授業をデザインするとどうなる?」(What happens when students design courses?) CEMUS education and philosophy is introduced in a ESD Newsletter by the 中部ESD拠点(RCE Chubu)and 中部大学 Chubu University (close to Nagoya in Japan). Sachiko Ishihara, a Course Coordinator at CEMUS, […]

CEMUS in Japan!

  Welcome to this semester’s first CEFO Seminar!   Presenter: Sofia Ahlberg (Department of English, Uppsala University) Title: Petrofiction as Genre and Methodology: Some Examples of Reading for a Post-Carbon Future Place: Baltic University […]

Aug 29: Petrofiction as Genre and Methodology