Climate Change Leadership – MOOC

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Week 3: Complex challenges and possibilities for change


Climate change as a set of complex challenges or possibilities for change?

Is climate change a new type of challenge that in itself is more complex than previous societal and environmental problems or should it be understood as a possibility to change relationships, communities and society?

3.1 Introduction to complex challenges and possibilities for change ARTICLE

3.2 Three spheres of transformation VIDEO (07:29)

3.3 A 21st century challenge ARTICLE

3.4 The change you want and the change we want ARTICLE

3.5 A world we want to live in DISCUSSION


Three key debates in relationship to climate change

In this part we look at three cases and key debates climate change and migration; what technology can and cannot do; and who’s responsible for climate change.

3.6 Key debate: climate change and migration DISCUSSION

3.7 Key debate: what technology can and cannot do DISCUSSION

3.8 Key debate: who is responsible for climate change? DISCUSSION


Connecting the dots – climate change and the bigger picture

This part wraps up week three through a map-making, systems thinking discussion on how climate change is connected to the bigger picture.

3.9 Connecting the dots in your own context DISCUSSION

3.10 Further reading and learning ARTICLE