Climate Change Leadership – MOOC

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Week 4: Leadership and communication in a climate change context


Introducing leadership in a climate change context and leadership skills

In this part the leadership aspect of climate change leadership is introduced.

4.1 Introduction to leadership, communication and climate change ARTICLE

4.2 Wellbeing and care in leadership ARTICLE

4.3 Finding principles on climate change leadership ARTICLE

4.4 Leadership skills toolbox ARTICLE

4.5 Build/make/draw a representation of leadership DISCUSSION


Climate change psychology, communication and narratives

In this part Per Espen Stoknes talks about different barriers and narratives that stand in the way for action on climate change, and Mika Hietanen discusses how communication on climate change can be improved.

4.6 Framing climate change discourse VIDEO (11:37)

4.7 Climate change rhetoric VIDEO (09:57)

4.8 Different approaches to addressing and communicating climate change ARTICLE

4.9 Art, writing, and culture as catalysts for change? DISCUSSION


Self-guided field trip and your climate change leadership plan

In this final part you summarise the week, start the work on your climate change leadership plan and go on a self-guided study visit or field trip.

4.10 Your climate change leadership plan DISCUSSION

4.11 Self-guided field trip FIELDTRIP

4.12 Investigating a place FIELDTRIP

4.13 Further reading and learning ARTICLE